Shower Enclosure

Drive 1.0

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The door elements of this shower enclosure run on rollers in a slide profile and are guided along the floor rail by magnet technology. The sliding doors are made of 4-mm tempered safety glass. As they pivot inwards and have no transverse profiles, they are easy to clean. The aluminium frame profile is fixed to the wall profile from above through the cover, which makes the fixing invisible. In addition, integrated wall-mounting profiles provide an adjustment range of 15 mm.

Statement by the Jury

The Drive 1.0 shower enclosure fascinates with a timeless design. It is easy to handle and clean, and convinces with functionally well thought-out details.

  • Manufacturer:
    PALME Duschabtrennungen GmbH, Taufkirchen/Pram, Austria
  • In-house design:
    PALME Duschabtrennungen GmbH, Taufkirchen/Pram, Austria