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Driving Emotion

Driving Emotion | Red Dot Design Award

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The website of Korean tyre manufacturer Hankook Tire introduces the company and its brand slogan "Driving Emotion". Emotions such as confidence, happiness and pride – referring to the tyre – were chosen as the keywords. They form the basis of three stories which connect facts and emotions thus attempting to convey the product‘s high technical standards as well as illustrating different activities of the company. Pride is conveyed through a story featuring a motor sports driver, happiness through a story of everyday drivers, and self-respect through the story of an experienced transport driver. The stories, consisting of vertically arranged colour images and short texts, can be read simply by scrolling.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    Hankook Tire Worldwide Co., Ltd., Seoul
  • Design:
    FRUM, Seoul
  • Head of Corporate Communications:
    Hyunkyung Kim
  • Creative Direction:
    Myungjin Kim
  • Art Direction/Project Management:
    Ilda Kim
  • Graphic Design:
    Soyoung Han
Driving Emotion | Red Dot Design Award