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DROP NATURE | Red Dot Design Award

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The DROP NATURE paints stand out from other familiar paints in that they consist of only natural and biodegradable ingredients, instead of otherwise often used chemical ones. The containers of the individual paint shades show directly which ingredients are inside. Users can choose between various colours – white, yellow, red and blue – and each container is illustrated accordingly with images of White Dandelion, Forsythia, Camellia and Blueberry. Featuring full-size illustrations, the flowers and the blueberry imbue the containers with a vivid and attractive image of the respective paint, turning in to a true colour splash in the lower half of the container. The illustrations thus evoke the impression that the paints are derived directly from the flowers or the blueberry, underlining the natural and original aspect of the paints. The flexible packaging reflects the product name in that the colours can be used to the last drop without remains or leftovers.

Statement by the Jury

DROP NATURE convinces with this idea for a light packaging that not only communicates the overall ecological concept of the paints, but also stands out on the shelf among familiar-looking competitive paint cans and buckets. The way the design visualises this graphically by using plant motifs corresponding in colour is visually appealing and well implemented, leaving a strong and memorable impression.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    Hoseo University, Asan City, South Chungcheong Province
  • Design:
    Choi Ju Hee, Hoseo University
  • Creative Direction:
    Hwang Ji Hee, Hoseo University
  • Editorial Work:
    Park Jin Hyung, Hoseo University
  • Graphic Design:
    Ji Hae Sung, Hoseo University
  • Photography:
    Kim Kyung Ah, Hoseo University
  • Image Editing:
    Kim Soon Hee, Hoseo University
  • Printing:
    Kim So Jung, Hoseo University