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DRYKORN Image Book

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The “DRYKORN Image Book” has been printed on high-quality, uncoated paper, which allows the large-scale photographs to develop an impressive effect. The cover made of 2-mm-thick grey board gives the book a modern look. Serving as a special eye-catcher is the open back of the book, which emphasises the thread stitching as a creative element. In order to make reference to the textile industry, fabric elements have also been integrated into the finish. Thus, in addition to the brand’s logo, there is also the integrated bookmark made of cotton included on the back of the book.

  • Client:
    DRYKORN, Kitzingen
  • Design:
    Büro3 Communication, Gaukönigshofen
  • Graphic Design:
    Marcus Kraus
  • Text:
    Zeno Busch
  • Photography:
    Thomas Berberich, Würzburg