Modelling Machines

DT Robot, DT Mill


The modelling machines DT Robot and DT Mill for the milling of clay models help design studios give physical shape to their computer-designed ideas. The 7 kW spindle allows feed rates of up to 40 metres per minute and a cutting depth of 50 mm. The creative process is supported by the multi-module head, which enables the exchangeable tools to be used not only for milling, but also for scribing, scanning and projection tasks.

  • Manufacturer:
    Wenzel Design Tec GmbH, Hengersberg, Germany
  • Design:
    idukk industrial design union kittler kurz partner, Reinhard Kittler , Wilhering, Austria

Statement by the Jury

The functionality of these modelling machines goes far beyond milling. Their dynamic and precise movements are skilfully conveyed by the sleek form.