Red Dot Design Award

E-Ink Display Sewing Machine

E-Ink Display Sewing Machine | Red Dot Design Award

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The E-Ink Display Sewing Machine has a new user interface that combines physical dials to adjust the tension and speed of the stitching, and a touch panel with E-ink display to choose the stitch patterns. By turning the “mode selection” dial, one can change the stitch categories (shown on the e-ink display) and by touching the icon directly, one can choose the preferred stitch pattern or adjust the length and width of the stitching. E-Ink Display Sewing Machine also has an inbuilt “help and guide” mode. Users can adjust the stitching speed of the machine by turning the speed control wheel clockwise or counterclockwise. Simultaneously, a LED indicator gives the user feedback that is intuitive to understand.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Company:
    Zeng Hsing Industrial Co., Ltd., Taiwan
  • Team Lead:
    Hou Yu-Sheng
  • Design:
    Chang Han-Hsi, Chen Szu-Jung, Hu Kai-Yao, Liu Chi-Liang, Shen Ping-Jui, Wei Chao-Chuan