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A common way of binding books requires the manual pressing of pages. This method of book binding is laborious, and the pages come apart easily. Moreover, the pages of the book do not flatten out completely when the book is open. This causes some problems – for example, when writing in a notebook, the writing hand that rests on the book often presses uncomfortably against the raised, sharp edge of the book. Adopting a stretchable spine changes the traditional method of book binding and creates a solution to the above problem. With a more flexible spine, the pages can flatten out completely, and the edge of the book is no longer harshly raised. Instead, the edge of the book rests in a sloping gradient, which provides a better reading and writing experience.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Institution:
    College Of Science &Technology Ningbo University, China
  • Faculty Advisor:
    Shi Lei
  • Design:
    Cao Yingjie, Zhan Shuyao, Zhang Ying, Zhou Zheyuan, Zhu Chenwei, Zhu Zijing