Red Dot Design Award
Threshold for Lift-Sliding Doors


ECO PASS SKY axxent | Red Dot Design Award

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Unhindered freedom

A barrier-free passage between the garden or terrace and the indoor area can be paramount in both lifestyle and quality of life. Barriers easily limit the freedom of movement – for older people increasingly so and for physically impaired people in particular. Against this backdrop, the perfectly crafted design concept of ECO PASS SKY axxent offers an impressive solution in terms of form and function, delivering a new type of barrier-free accessibility to inside-outside transition door systems. Showcasing a noble appearance, the threshold for lift-sliding elements is made of high-quality timber and aluminium material. Based on a threshold without barriers and inclines, the concept enhances the idea of ground-level passage to the outside by adding captivating design benefits. This is made possible, among other things, by visually adapting the threshold to both the sash material on the inside and the interior floor colour with the help of a doubling into which the track is cleverly integrated. The elegant design of this threshold continues to both the required drainage grille and the drainage gutter, which can also be a technical necessity. The threshold and the outside area thus form a targeted symbiotic relationship. The design of the fixed sash is also beneficial, as the omission of the fixed sash profiles maximises the proportion of glass and the room brightness to such an extent that the glass elegantly merges with the floor area.

Statement by the Jury

The ECO PASS SKY axxent threshold for lift-sliding doors is an elegant design solution for implementing barrier-free access from the living area to the terrace. This facilitates a new type of transition without steps or any other obstacles. Thanks to the high-quality design, the functional details also integrate skilfully. Reaching down to the floor, the glass surfaces of the doors create a highly aesthetic ambience when looking from both the inside and the outside perspective.

Red Dot Design Award

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