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The magic of functionality

Robots are often used in industrial production for jobs, such as painting, that are potentially harmful to human health. The EcoProFleet is an innovative AGV (Automated Guided Vehicle) that has been specifically optimised for the needs of paint shops. With its adapted structure and its ability to interact, it defines new standards in industrial conveyor technology. The vehicle moves individual components and entire car bodies separately and flexibly, instead of using a linear conveyor system as was previously the case. It moves without rails or contact loops, is freely programmable like a robot and can therefore be controlled completely autonomously. Featuring a platform that is just 335 mm high and resistant to paint and solvents, the EcoProFleet presents itself with a very flat design and an optimised load-carrying capacity for such a system. In order to transport heavy loads in a stable manner, the unladen weight of EcoProFleet with 850 kg is in the appropriate ratio to the maximum carrying load of up to 1,000 kg. A high level of safety is guaranteed by the integrated technology with laser scanner and safety limit speed. This special technology gives the vehicle an accurate picture of its surroundings in order to manoeuvre safely through a production hall. A transparent glass surface shows the complex technology inside and is easy to open to carry out maintenance work on technical components.

Statement by the Jury

Developed especially for paint shops, the EcoProFleet driverless transport system convinces with its innovative, flat shape. The realised idea of seamlessly integrating into flexible manufacturing processes is highly fascinating. The vehicle is freely programmable and can be controlled completely autonomously. Perfectly tailored to industrial needs, it is well thought-out down to the last detail and enriches its work environment with high functionality and efficiency.

Red Dot Design Award

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