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Edge TV Box enables broadcasters and operators to deliver integrated video services and applications, and offers users a seamless experience when moving from traditional linear viewing to on-demand viewing and applications access. It unifies all viewing experience on a common platform via a single interface. The underlying technology is Android TV, but the user interface can be customised to a broadcaster's requirements. The strength of Edge TV Box's design is in its pure expression of functions—focussing on a simple, minimal user interface and the removal of buttons. A unique solution was needed to house the circuit board. No artificial curves or abstract patterns were used as attempts to disguise the TV box. The use of high-performance tooling to create the sharp corners and textured finish add to the feeling of quality. The status indicator differs from the round blinking indicator light on most devices. Placed along the edge, it signals to the users to 'peek' into it like a letterbox of surprises. Previous generations of designs have tried to provide full navigational control of the User Interface (UI) and multiple status indicators via the front panel of the box, which duplicate the functionality of the remote control. By removing this duplication, the design is simplified, cost reduced, and the poor user experience removed. We shifted the focus of the UI design to the remote control, where the intention is again to simplify and reduce. Traditional remote control designs use shortcut keys to access different UI features, resulting in 40-50 buttons. By reducing the number of buttons, the UI can be made more flexible and dynamic. The primary design challenge lies in striking a balance between having a broad market appeal and standing out in a crowded market. Its production cost also needs to be minimised while creating an impression of quality. Edge TV Box resists being a fashionable item that needs to be replaced every two years. It is made to last as long as the TV set itself, which minimises electronic and manufacturing waste.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Company:
    Shenzhen Skyworth Digital Technology Co.Ltd, China
  • Team Lead:
    Hu Haoxiang
  • Design:
    Chen Yuanjun, Ding Hao, Hu Haoxiang, Hu Zhonghai, Li Haopeng, Li Minyang, Liang Mingfu, Yu Lu
  • Design partner:
    Skyworth Overseas Development Limited, United Kingdom
  • Team Lead:
    Leo Charlton