PR Event

Edible Masterpieces Exhibition

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This PR event staged the launch of the brand Primor, a successful Portuguese fine charcuterie company, by visualising the brand concept of “tradition, art and masterpieces”. Forming an edible exhibition, the charcuterie products were framed like well-known paintings to offer event visitors a sensual experience that merged the gustatory with the visual. Surrounded by a designer-created pig collection, visitors could delight their eyes and mouths with works such as “Pork sausage, cooked chicken breast, thin smoked sausage” (Lichtenstein), “Ham and Bacon thin strips” (van Gogh) and “Cooked ham and bacon” (Mondrian pizza).

  • Client:
    PRIMOR, Vila Nova de Famalicão
  • Design:
    Ivity Brand Corp, Lisbon
  • creative direction:
    Andreia Ferreira