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Effra (Corporate Edition)

Effra (Corporate Edition) | Red Dot Design Award

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The design of the Effra font family has its roots in one of earliest sans-serif designs commercially available, Caslon Junior, from 1816. It was translated into a contemporary language of form and expanded into a corporate edition character set. The overriding design features of this new font family are its clean lines, its open proportions and its circular characters that express modernity. Effra is marked by an appearance that stands out from the crowd, yet has the ability to blend perfectly with other design elements. The redesign yielded a font family that is easily legible, suitable for different text sizes and marked by a well-balanced Grotesque for use in a broad spectrum of applications. The subtle differentiation of weights allows different combinations, while Effra’s five weights, from Light to Heavy, allow for maximum versatility. A set of matching italics provides subtle emphasis, rounding off the reissue of this font family. Statement by the jury »The classic font by Caslon Junior was redesigned for contemporary use in such a way that it is well suited for easy-to-read copy across many diverse media, including Internet, book and ad design, and also allows for versatile applications due to its various weights. Through elaborate craftsmanship, it has been possible to provide a strong version of the 1816 reference with a modern look.«

Red Dot Design Award

  • design:
    Jonas Schudel, Gockhausen/Zurich
  • design support:
    Bruno Maag, Ron Carpenter
  • font engineering/production:
    Dalton Maag Ltd., London
Effra (Corporate Edition) | Red Dot Design Award
Effra (Corporate Edition) | Red Dot Design Award
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