Mixed Media Installation

EGGER Materialbibliothek

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Clearly designed architectural elements lend this mixed media installation the impression of an authentic material archive. To create a lively brand experience, the EGGER product and decoration range is staged within the architecture of a virtual house, where users can have a look at different arrangements. Via an explorative and playful navigation system, users can see – by moving an object over an architectural plan – the interior spaces. Also, hotspot references to product details of the furniture and extensions are viewable on a second monitor.

  • Client:
    FRITZ EGGER GmbH & Co. OG, St. Johann in Tirol
  • Design:
    PLAYFRAME GmbH, Berlin
  • art direction:
    Romy Korndörfer
  • concept:
    Patrick Boltz, Romy Korndörfer
  • graphic design:
    Nadine Thieme, Sebastian Häusler
  • project management:
    Romy Korndörfer, Adriana Küchler
  • service provider: