EI Sicherheitssystem

EI Security System

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This security system consists of eight products: gateway, mini gate, smoke detector, flammable gas detector, emergency alarm, water detector, single gate with magnetic switch and infrared detector. This collection can trigger an immediate alarm in emergencies that involve fire, gas or water. Via the central gateway and mini-gateway components, real-time signals can be transmitted securely even over large distances. The devices are easy to interact with and use.

Statement by the Jury

The user-friendly design of this security system with its extensive range of accessories is calculated to ensure an immediate reaction in emergency situations.

  • Manufacturer:
    EI Fire Electronics Co., Ltd., Bengbu, China
  • Design:
    LKK Design Beijing Co., Ltd., Lixin Huo Mingyu Yao Yan Meng Yichao Li, Beijing, China