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Ein Blick

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This book and film, titled “In sight”, presents with humour, charm and light-heartedness the corporate design of Messe Frankfurt – its characteristics and those who have been instrumental in its creation. Leaving objective guidelines aside, both media stimulate interest and take a playful, emotional and humorous approach to what is so often a dry topic. The film features candid and authentic statements by staff members (from lift attendants to executive managers) as well as external designers and was shot at trade fair sites that play a role in the visual corporate identity.

  • Client:
    Messe Frankfurt GmbH, Frankfurt/Main project management Gerrit Schade
  • Design:
    Lion & Bee, Berlin
  • concept:
    Prof. Alessio Leonardi, Lion & Bee
  • text:
    Prof. Alessio Leonardi, Lion & Bee
  • photography:
    Marc Jacquemin (Book), Knut Adass (Camera)
  • film production:
    Frank Schneider, Filmstyler Pictures GmbH
  • cutter:
    Dirk Farin