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Wine Refrigerator

Electrolux 24 Inch Under-Counter Wine Cooler

Electrolux 24 Inch Under-Counter Wine Cooler | Red Dot Design Award

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This compact wine cooler offers space for 41 bottles, which can be stored at a precise temperature. Due to its size it can also be placed under a counter. The appliance is operated via an integrated touch display, which is hidden from view when the door is closed. The ideal serving or storage temperature can be set with the “Perfect Set” function. Noteworthy features include the wide-slat walnut shelving that cushions wine from harmful vibration and the UV-blocking glass door.

Statement by the Jury

This wine cooler surprises with its compact size and high capacity. The wooden pull-out shelves and the dark glass door convey a high level of quality.

Red Dot Design Award