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Electrolux Pure D8.2

Electrolux Pure D8.2 | Red Dot Design Award

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The aesthetics of the Pure D8.2 mirrors the specific product feature: the low noise level during cleaning. For this purpose, the smooth, matte surface has been combined with a textile texture on the bumper sides; the display goes tone in tone with the rest of the cleaner. The big, rubber-coated wheels ensure that vacuuming is gentle on the furniture, and the Smart Mode Technology allows to vacuum soft as well as hard floor coverings without changing the configuration. 55 per cent recycled plastics have been used to produce the device, the “Green Version” actually consists of 75 per cent recycled material.

Statement by the Jury

Composition and product characteristics of the Electrolux Pure D8.2 blend into a harmonic unit that also allures in terms of comfortable handling.

Red Dot Design Award