Elegant Article in Sleeve – The Folding Fan of Suzhou

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Featuring an elegant, high-quality design appearance, the book “The Folding Fan of Suzhou” documents the art of fan-folding in its cultural-historical context. The collection consists of five volumes, dealing respectively with Explanatory Notes, The Fan Ribs, The Fan Carving, The Fan Covers and The Fan-making Craftsmen of Suzhou: Extracts from Classical References. In volumes II, III and IV, the compilation is divided into four chapters: Artistic Survey, Workmanship, Appreciation and Traditions. The highly expressive photos of folding fans in this book were compiled from sources originating with both public institutions and private collections, and most are published for the very first time in this book.

  • graphic design:
    Lu Jingren, Lu Min, Yang Jing, Ye Chao
  • design assistance:
    Zhao Yu, Zi Shaoheng, Zhaoyu Design Co., Ltd., Suzhou
  • editor-in-chief:
    Zhao Yu
  • editorial work:
    Wang Jin
  • printing:
    Shenzhen International  Color Printing Co., Ltd.