Red Dot Design Award

Elf - LED Luminaire

Elf - LED Luminaire | Red Dot Design Award

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Elf is an intelligent projector luminaire inspired by the outline of a rose. Its streamlined design offers excellent self-cleaning ability. With a sink lens and anti-glare rack, glare is adequately controlled and one feels no glare even when standing near the lamp. Aside from glare control and self-cleaning ability, Elf has other advantages: a 540° universal angle of adjustment, a high strength self-locking structure, a hidden line structure, multiple light colour configurations and intelligent control. Its light technology senses the environment data and automatically changing with the seasons. In Spring and autumn, it emits neural light (4000K) and in winter it emits a warm light (3000K). Elf can be installed in a land-type environment or semi-buried in the lawn, stone garden and amongst trees. It can also serve as integrated lighting for a lawn, the road and trees. The top of the lamp is made of die-cast aluminium and the lawn pole in stainless steel with a built-in LED light source. It is extremely adaptable thanks to its multi-directional and multi-angle lighting ability, allowing it to be installed both as a directed light source or a diffused light source for a larger outdoor area.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Company:
  • Team Lead:
    Zong Qiang
  • Design:
    Fu Chuangye, Jiang Mingqiang, Song Yuqing
Elf - LED Luminaire | Red Dot Design Award