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Shade sails play a significant role in contemporary architectural design. As integrative elements in the arrangement of outdoor areas, they offer a myriad of different settings for outdoor living spaces. The elips4sun combines this advantage with the experiences of an innovative 3D-dome system. As this shade sail is unfurled, the sail fabric arches upwards; and when it is retracted, the fabric is pulled flat against the winding shaft. This spectacular-looking movement is made possible by an innovative construction using preformed, pre-tensioned elastic strips made from glass-reinforced plastic that are enclosed in parallel within the sail fabric forming a ribbed pattern. This has made it possible, for the first time, to roll an arch-shaped, firmly taut fabric onto a winding shaft. This construction method also allows for the spacious, almost elliptical form and appearance of the elips4sun sail. Users can choose between three different tensioning masts made from brushed stainless steel that form the high-precision tensioning mechanism on the inside using 4 mm steel cables and control weights. This mechanical system of tensioning ensures optimal wind-pressure reduction and minimal maintenance. The impressive and unusual design of the elips4sun electrical furling shade sail gives it the appearance of an artistic object. It also guarantees a wind-resistant, optimal positioning of the fabric and offers highly effective protection from sun and rain.

Statement by the Jury

The elips4sun shade sail impresses with its spacious and dynamic shape. Its innovative construction enables a spectacular-looking 3D-dome arching system that lends the shade unusual functional properties. This sun shade is highly robust and resistant to all weather conditions. Featuring the aesthetics of an art object, it is a true eye-catcher in almost any garden.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Manufacturer:
    C4 sun GmbH, Hückeswagen, Germany
  • In-house design:
    C4 sun GmbH, Rainer Wronka, Hückeswagen, Germany
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