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Natural aesthetics

For many mothers, pumping breast milk for their babies and toddlers is an everyday activity. The design of the Elvie Pump consciously departs from the concept of existing breast pumps. Putting women and their needs at the centre, this pump lends a new aesthetic to natural and very personal breastfeeding. The design language of the intelligent breast pump visualises at first glance that it is a high-tech product geared towards mothers, setting new standards also in terms of its structure. The Elvie Pump creates an entirely new pumping experience, as the pump is light, compact and skin-friendly. The portable breast pump integrates all elements including the milk container in an ergonomic design of stylish appearance. It can be easily worn under clothing and therefore offers a high sense of discretion as other people hardly notice it. Working without annoying cables, the pump is both self-explanatory and highly comfortable to operate. In addition, this breast pump is also surprisingly quiet. It silently collects milk in the self-contained bottle, allowing mothers to pump breast milk anytime, anywhere. Fully contemporary in design, the Elvie Pump allows control and monitoring via smartphone. An app gives feedback on the volume of milk being collected and allows easy tracking of the data for each breast.

Statement by the Jury

The innovative concept of the Elvie Pump enables women to experience a new sense of simplicity and mobility. All elements have been arranged into a smart design object that gently embraces the skin. This breast pump thus easily integrates into everyday life. With the accompanying app, it allows constant monitoring and control in silence and discreetly, as the pump can be worn directly under the bra.

Red Dot Design Award

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