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Emergency Wheelchair

Emergency Wheelchair | Red Dot Design Award

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EMERGENCY WHEELCHAIR explores an efficient first aid measure that can be used to transport train passengers who are sick or injured. It is especially useful during peak hours or crowded holiday seasons when the chances of such incidents are higher. To use, press the 'push' button to lift up a handle that would become the back of the wheelchair, then extend the body of the device to form a seat structure. The compacted device is now transformed into a wheelchair. Lock the points to secure the whole structure. When storing the wheelchair, the body and the back of the chair is collapsed back into a compact box. The wheelchair is made of magnesium alloy, high-strength factory plastic and a flame retardant fabric.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Design:
    Chen Zhigang, Fan Xin, Hu Shiya, Liu Qiangjia, Zhou Chao, China