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eMPe nullneun

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The architecture book “eMPe nullneun” documents the ambitious project MP09 in the Austrian city of Graz from the first building plans to its completion, taking the visions and the premises, the individual participants and the construction process itself into account. The publication continues the aesthetic code of the building architecture conceptually and graphically and communicates the corporate philosophy along with the corporate architecture of the Michael Pachleitner Group in word, picture and graphic design.

  • Client:
    Michael Pachleitner Group, Graz
  • Design:
    luffup, büro für kommunikationsdesign
  • art direction:
    Tomislav Bobinec
  • concept:
    Tobias Federsel, Tomislav Bobinec
  • graphic design:
    Tomislav Bobinec, Ljubomir Su njevi, Volker Waldhauser
  • text:
    Tobias Federsel, Manuela Hötzl
  • photography:
    Gerald Liebminger
  • printing:
    Platinium, Print & Druck