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“Endless” is the packaging design of a case for an HTC mobile phone, including an urBeats headset, a battery charging set and a product description. Pushing the packaging case out of its cardboard sleeve reveals a series of sketched comic faces which appear in the round hole on the top and, once fully taken out, the spring fold design structure makes it unfold into a long cardboard band. Individual “pockets” in the case band present the mobile phone and accessories in respectively sized punch-outs that snugly hold them in place without fasteners and allow them to be taken out by simply pushing with a finger. Following the concept of “small phone, big world”, on the one hand, the environmentally friendly cardboard itself serves to tell the story through comic illustration of the endless possibilities using a mobile phone and it reduces waste paper. On the other hand, the surface on the spring fold paper also features product descriptions printed in environmentally friendly soy ink, which consumers may read while turning the folding paper to take out the product and accessories. This saved having to print and include a separate product instruction manual. Statement by the jury »The idea of merging the packaging of a mobile phone including accessories with the product description as well as a story on the product’s versatile use into one unity is brilliant and proof of the passion and innovative thinking of the designer. The highly charming design showcases simple yet humorous drawings and a recyclable packaging case made of cardboard that makes a difference by avoiding the look of generic “me-too” mobile phone packaging designs, predominant in today’s market.«

  • Client:
    Asia University, Taichung City
  • Design:
    Mi-Na Wei, Ching-Chia Chiou, Asia University, Taichung City