Endorfini – Google happiness, passion, etc.

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Endorphin is the happiness hormone and, at the same time, a cultural space in Athens staging a vast diversity of events. In order to visualise such a diversity, images of endorphin-releasing emotional states such as enthusiasm, passion, love etc. were searched via Google on the specific day the brochure was designed. These images were then combined on paper and superimposed to create a constantly changing visual identity. Every time the brochure gets reprinted, the same process is followed, creating a unique visual result each time. Thus, the Endorfini project is a remarkable approach to literally bring a digital idea into an analogue form.

  • Client:
    Endorfini stage theatre bar, Athens
  • Design/Creative Direction:
    Marios Linakis, Linakis Digital, Athens Iro Mavrokota, Athens