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Energy Accumulator EVO ThermoSyphon

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Functional wintersport base layer ThermoSyphon adapts to the individual body and converts, in the structures and channels of the material, sweat into energy by transforming its physical state from liquid to vapour. Based on the classic 3D Bionic Sphere System, the shirt uses the power of thermodynamics and combines it with gravity. While excess sweat is sweeping down, moist air is getting up through vapour pressure. That way, a new 3D structure optimise the interaction between warm and cold, damp and dry.

Statement by the Jury

The ThermoSyphon strikes with its outstanding innovation of converting the moisture of sweat into energy by means of a greatly enlarged surface structure.

  • Manufacturer:
    X-Technology Swiss R&D AG, Wollerau, Switzerland
  • In-house design