Manual Pipette

Eppendorf Reference 2


The use of stainless-steel edging gives the Eppendorf Reference 2 its outstanding robustness. The round upper section, which does without a finger hook, makes it possible to work in any position. The pipette has a one-piece design, so that it is particularly easy to clean. The four-digit display is clearly visible from every angle. Colour coding and labelling visible on the volume area of the pipette enable quick and safe identification of volume and tip size.

  • Manufacturer:
    Eppendorf AG, Germany
  • Design:
    Koop Industrial Design (Norbert Koop, Stefan Espenhahn), Germany

Statement by the Jury

The pipette’s ergonomic design allows users to freely decide how they wish to hold the device. The striking colour coding ensures particularly intuitive handling.