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Ernst Logar – Invisible Oil

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This extraordinary artist book documents the project “Invisible Oil” by artist Ernst Logar, who focused on exploring the oil industry and its socio-economic influences, with Europe’s “oil capital” Aberdeen as example. The publication reflects on the issue of oil and the socio-political power of the oil industry in detail. It features an oily, black-brown CMYK colour that appears consistently throughout the entire layout of the book in form of monochrome “censoring” surfaces and oil-coloured threads.

  • Client:
    SpringerWienNewYork, Vienna
  • Design:
    Olaf Osten, Vienna
  • art direction:
    Olaf Osten
  • concept:
    Olaf Osten, Ernst Logar
  • graphic design:
    Olaf Osten
  • photography:
    Ernst Logar
  • printing:
    Holzhausen Druck GmbH, Vienna