Red Dot Design Award

ESPN – The Body Issue 2017

ESPN – The Body Issue 2017 | Red Dot Design Award

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For the digital edition of ESPN magazine’s “Body Issue” with the theme “Every body has a story”, the key design element was creating an intuitive and non-invasive user interface, allowing the photography to take centre stage. Embracing the limitations of smaller screens for displaying big imagery, the design lets users tilt and move their phones to get the big picture. The microsite features spectacular athlete photos, accompanied by quotations sparking curiosity about the corresponding interviews, and the mobile-first approach allows for many playful interactions.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    ESPN, Bristol, Connecticut, USA
  • Design:
    Ueno New York, USA , Reykjavík, Iceland
  • Editor-in-Chief:
    Alison Overholt ESPN The Magazine
  • Creative Direction:
    Chin Wang ESPN Steffen Christiansen Ueno
  • Art Direction:
    Heather Donahue ESPN
  • Head of Design:
    Marco Coppeto Ueno
  • Head of Photography:
    Tim Rasmussen ESPN Karen Frank ESPN The Magazine
  • Development:
    Joey Maese ESPN
ESPN – The Body Issue 2017 | Red Dot Design Award