Nut Runner


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The patented ETT-STR nut runner is an offset screwdriver and pistol tool in one. With the two triggers, users can first pre-assemble components with the upper pistol grip and then fully mount them with the lower handle. Both handles have been developed to ergonomically support different hand positions. A careful choice of materials lends the nut runner the character of a precise measuring tool, in combination with a robust industrial appearance. Several gyro sensors and torque transducers improve precision and ergonomics. Functional operating elements are emphasised by a yellow hue and accentuated with a stainless-steel finish. Rounded lines and recesses, as well as finely sectioned areas, lend the tool strong expression and underscore its performance and precision.

Statement by the Jury

The ETT-STR nut runner is a particularly versatile tool with a design that stands out through functional simplicity and strong ergonomics.

  • Manufacturer:
    Atlas Copco Tools AB, Sweden
  • In-house design:
    Atlas Copco Tools AB, Ola Stray, Sweden