Red Dot Design Award

Evertherm_Lightest & Warmest Down Jacket

Evertherm_Lightest & Warmest Down Jacket | Red Dot Design Award

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EverTherm down jacket is insulated with ThinDown™ fabric – the world’s only ultra-thin-down fabric. This jacket does not need the quilting that is found in traditional down fill jackets, hence eliminating cold spots to provide superior uniform warmth in a lightweight, slim profile. Powered by a 30g ThinDown™ insulation and a water-resistant StormRepel Super DWR exterior, the EverTherm down jacket provides warmth down to -15 degrees and weighs only a few ounces. The EverTherm down jacket has been tested by Eddie Bauer’s alpine climbing guide, Seth Waterfall, while climbing to the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro. It has also been tested by ski guide Erik Leidecker in Iceland and Norway, and by another alpine climbing guide on Denali. These rigorous field tests form part of Eddie Bauer’s longstanding “Guide Built” process to ensure that the result is a highly-functional, premium-quality product that is “worthy of your esteem.” Eddie Bauer is the first outdoor brand in North America to incorporate ThinDown™ in its outerwear and has exclusive rights to the technology through 2018.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Company:
    Eddie Bauer, United States
  • Team Lead:
    Johanna Andrews
  • Design:
    Charlie Berg, Katie Borgia, Mark Correll, Anya Gorson, Damien Huang, Rebecca Megal, Kimli Socarras, Leanne Walters
  • Manufacturer:
    ThinDown, Italy
  • Team Lead:
    Team Lead: William Calvert