Electric Toothbrush


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The 0.02-mm-fine bristle tips of this electric toothbrush brush closely along the gum line, removing buildup between teeth reliably and cleaning the periodontal pockets thoroughly with 31,000 vibrations per minute. The cylindrical housing is kept entirely in white; only the transition between the body and the attachment is marked by a matt silver ring. This lends the toothbrush a style-conscious, immaculate appearance. The charging station can also hold a second brush head.

Statement by the Jury

The EW-DM81 electric toothbrush promotes sustainable oral and dental hygiene. Its sleek design introduces a stylish accent to the bathroom.

  • Manufacturer:
    Panasonic Corporation, Kadoma City, Osaka Prefecture, Japan
  • In-house design:
    Tomoaki Ino