Red Dot Design Award

Exchangeable Screwdriver

Exchangeable Screwdriver | Red Dot Design Award

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There are many kinds of screwdriver heads and it is sometimes inconvenient to pick and change between the ones we need. Therefore, the team developed a screwdriver with easily changeable screw heads. The Exchangeable Screwdriver is composed of five components – the magnetic cap, the slotted screwdriver, the crosshair screwdriver, the rocket screwdriver and the square screwdriver. They can be stacked to form an intact screwdriver. The user chooses the screwdriver head that is needed by changing the stacking order of the components before rotating to connect and secure the entire tool. The parts that are not needed then become the body of the screwdriver.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Institution:
    Ningbo Institute of Technology, Zhengjiang University, China
  • Faculty Advisor:
    Zhang Yuhong, Prof. Zhao Jianguo
  • Design:
    Huang Mimi, Li Danling, Li Yifan, Qian Ningkai, Shao Yuwei, Wu Hong, Ye Shengchong, Zhao Zhisheng
Exchangeable Screwdriver | Red Dot Design Award