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EXO – XOXO / Growl

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The first studio album by the 12-member boy band EXO showcases the everyday life of “aliens from exoplanet”. The start of their everyday life is at a school, which is why the cover of “XOXO” was created in the form of a notebook. Their repackaged album “Growl”, on the other hand, takes on a street-style concept, showing the band members’ exciting life after school. The eye-catching elements on EXO’s first album “XOXO” are the heart and the round logo, expressed in crooked pencil lines. Transformed from its original hexagonal EXO logo, this new logo represents the album title “XOXO”. The heart denotes the “X (Kiss)” and also a circle, the “O (Hug)”.

  • Client:
    S.M.Entertainment, Seoul
  • Design:
    S.M.Entertainment, Seoul