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Expedition H2O | Red Dot Design Award

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Design to extremes

Off-road motorcycling is defined by extreme conditions that place high demands on both man and materials. Off-road riders are exposed directly to the elements, with their feet and legs becoming dirty from splashing mud and water. Against this backdrop, the Expedition H2O motorcycle boots have been engineered with innovative properties for optimum off-road performance. They are 100 per cent waterproof, offer outstanding wearing comfort and are extremely user-friendly. Moreover, based on an innovative Dynamic Support Frame (DSF), their design combines the aspect of protection with a high degree of endurance. The sophisticated concept prevents the overstretching of tendons and muscles, while ensuring the necessary freedom of movement around the ankle area. The boots consist of three key protection components forming the calf support structure, the heel cup and a stability frame. The calf is supported by the use of the Boa closure system, which guarantees a perfect fit and the necessary firm tension with the simple twist of a dial. The heel cup provides protection to the ankle and is connected to the calf support at the ankle pivot points. Lastly, the stability frame allows the hydratex|Sphere waterproofing construction to be directly laminated to the outer shell of the boot and provides stiffness to the sole. This considerably helps reduce fatigue when standing on the foot pegs.

Statement by the Jury

The Expedition H2O motorcycle boots embody a perfect merger of form and function. They are made of high-quality materials, which make them durable, and fully waterproof thanks to a hydratex|Sphere membrane. Based on the innovative Dynamic Support Frame (DSF) concept, they guarantee maximum safety, comfort and accuracy of fit, covering the three protection components of calf support, heel cup and stability frame.

Red Dot Design Award

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