Red Dot Design Award

EZ-Release Buckle

EZ-Release Buckle | Red Dot Design Award

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When trying to release a traditional buckle, it is easy for the fingers to get hurt. EZ-Release Buckle shows how a traditional product can be elevated to a completely new level through design. The user only has to pull the tab in the centre of the buckle downwards to release the buckle. This is an intuitive mechanism for anyone. For people who are getting bored with all the side-release buckles on the market, EZ-Release Buckle is launched with a global patent. With its latest material, the buckle can be produced in different colours and customised with logos. It has also passed the cold-resistant test and strength test, thus fulfilling both functional requirements and aesthetic demands.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Design:
    Huang Ko-Ping, Taiwan