Red Dot Design Award

F Series Plate Laser Cutting Equipment

F Series Plate Laser Cutting Equipment | Red Dot Design Award

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The F Series Plate Laser Cutting Equipment is the first in the world to use UI design and a responsive display, making the laser cutting process more intuitive. Compared to conventional CO2 laser cutting machine, the F Series is more efficient in space and gas consumption. With a high photoelectric conversion rate, it is also energy saving and environmentally sustainable. The cutter uses a cast iron bed that has good rigidity, stability and high compressive strength, making it hardy even in a harsh working environment. It also has strong shock absorption and wear-resistant capabilities, as well as lower thermal sensitivity and bed gap sensitivity that reduces wear and tear to maintain cutting precision for a long time. The overall protection and digital control display panel make the operation simple and intuitive. The cutting speed is more than three times that of a plasma-cutting machine, yet a smooth cut surface is always ensured. Lastly, the machine is equipped with an automatic nozzle-changing function to adapt to different material thickness. Aesthetically, the equipment adopts elegant curves, simple lines, a sleek profile and a combination of metal and black acrylic. It is the first equipment in the machine and tool industry to use a glass-reinforced plastic material, which is lighter, faster, more efficient, and more long-lasting. The effect of automobile paint emphasises its modern aesthetic, while diamond-cutting and HD plasma tempered glass enhances the screen’s look and comfort.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Company:
    Jinan Bodor CNC Machine Co.,Ltd., China
  • Team Lead:
    Kong Jie
  • Design:
    Yang Jian
F Series Plate Laser Cutting Equipment | Red Dot Design Award