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fahrstil – Das Radmagazin

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The bicycle-culture magazine fahrstil (German for “riding style”) has been conceived as a magazine whose demands clearly exceed that of typical special-interest publications. Neither readers nor bicycles are split up into different categories; instead, the whole world of cycling is examined. Thrilling reports mirror the individualised and ambitious lives of the readers. The design is tailored to each individual article in order to give the content at hand the space and appearance it deserves. Large-format photographs create an emotional connection with the reader.

  • Client:
    velonauten UG, Göttingen editorship Gunnar Fehlau, H. David Koßmann photography Kay Tkatzik, Martin Häußermann
  • Design:
    echtweiß | Corporate Design, Heidelberg
  • art direction:
    Janna Marten, Sven Marten
  • graphic design:
    Katharina Haaf, Sofia Bertolini