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Fast Forward Career

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Young professionals are much sought-after in the fashion industry. Due to this, the standing of CBR Fashion Group had to be optimised. The image brochure “Fast Forward Career” is primarily distributed at career fairs and conveys the self-image and structure of the company. Graphic and textual composition correspond not only to the creative style of the target audience, but also mirror their living and working environment. The 100 per cent cotton paper and high-quality linen cover are pleasant to the touch, reflecting the fashion branch.

  • Client:
    CBR Fashion Group, Celle
  • Design:
    Lattke und Lattke, Reichenberg
  • art direction:
    Jens Lattke
  • graphic design:
    Johannes Breidenbach
  • text:
    Julian Schäfer
  • project management:
    Holger Hahn
  • photography:
    Thomas Berberich
  • printing:
    Druckmedienzentrum Gotha