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Fat Burning

Fat Burning | Red Dot Design Award

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Through user surveys, sustaining a run on a treadmill can be a painful process for some people. This new intelligent treadmill design provides users with a new running experience that will motivate in their training. The following innovations are key to this treadmill design. Firstly, using new technology (Micro Infrared Thermal Imaging Technology), Fat Burning displays real-time statistics and information about the user’s body on a screen. An accompanying infrared thermal imaging technology provides a heat distribution map on the screen. This will help improve information feedback, allowing users to track their workout and be fully conscious of the process of their body burning fat, thus encouraging users to complete their workout. The new treadmill also includes a fan to relieve the discomfort level.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Design:
    Huang Wei, Xu Haihao, Zhao Min, China