Red Dot Design Award
Sample Book, Special Publication

Favini Kamizumo

Favini Kamizumo | Red Dot Design Award

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For Sumo, a product line of high-quality cardboard by paper manufacturer Favini, this sample book was created to do justice to the material’s thick and sturdy character. Inspired by the product name, the designers researched the many facets of Japanese culture and found their answer in Kamizumo – the paper version of the cult sport of sumo wrestling. To demonstrate the variety of possibilities for printing and processing the cardboard, in particular how to flute and fold it, eight trendy Kamizumo characters were designed, each representing the different characteristics of the materials as well as the applied printing and finishing techniques. The packaging is a slipcase built from the same material, which transforms into the Kamizumo arena when folded out.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    Favini S.r.l., Rossano Veneto (Vicenza), Italy
  • Design:
    Ansichtssache GmbH & Co. KG, Munich, Germany
  • Creative Direction:
    Florian Scharinger
  • Graphic Design:
    Michael Robl Daniela Siebrecht
  • Text:
    Maximilian Hilber
  • Advisory Service / Production:
    Sylvia Lerch Sylvia Lerch Material & Produktion Munich, Germany
Favini Kamizumo | Red Dot Design Award
Favini Kamizumo | Red Dot Design Award
Favini Kamizumo | Red Dot Design Award