Rotary Tablet Press


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Optimised in terms of productivity, flexibility and availability, this tablet press allows users to serial produce more than 90 per cent of all tablet types without complex changeovers. In addition to mono- and bi-layer tablets, it also features direct compression. The machine’s construction and layout ensure easy accessibility as well as simple cleaning and dismantling. The new interface displays all important parameters at a glance, and its intuitive usability guarantees high efficiency and safety. Improved functionality is also conveyed through the design, which is for instance reflected by the use of special high-performance plastic instead of conventional stainless-steel housing.

Statement by the Jury

The formal language of the tablet press, with its rounded edges and ergonomic design, turns its highly functional quality into an immediate user experience.

  • Manufacturer:
    Fette Compacting GmbH, Germany
  • Design:
    Dominic Schindler Creations GmbH (Dominic Schindler), Austria