Feel Estate – Deutsche EuroShop Annual Report 2014

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Developed in the style of a traditional daily newspaper, the unusual design of the 2014 annual report for Deutsche EuroShop AG turns a compulsory publication into an eye-catching brand statement. Under the title “Feel Estate”, the report focuses on the latest shopping trends and the shopping centre market. Its stories, imagery and layout are designed to enhance readability. The report was produced using rotary printing to achieve an authentic newspaper look. A specially made newspaper holder in the corporate colour of red complements the design concept.

  • Client:
    Deutsche EuroShop AG, Hamburg
  • Editor-in-Chief:
    Patrick Kiss
  • Editorial Management:
    Nicolas Lissner
  • Design:
    Whitepark GmbH & Co., Hamburg
  • Creative Direction:
    Patrick Doms
  • Art Direction:
    Katharina Marx
  • Illustration:
    Nadja Eckerich
  • Lithography/Image Editing:
    Albert Bauer Companies, Hamburg
  • Printing/Production:
    Stephan Bühler, die rotationsdrucker.de, Esslingen