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Feelable cup

Feelable cup | Red Dot Design Award

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The reality of the general population and the visually impaired is very different, yet they use the same products in their daily lives. For instance, drinking water is one of many everyday challenges for the visually impaired as it is difficult for them to estimate how much water is being filled or left in a cup. This might be a small problem, but even so, we should try to find a solution that improves their daily lives. The Feelable Cup solves this problem with the principle of water pressure. Several grooves are cut into the surface all around the cup. The groves are then lined and sealed with a tubing membrane. This membrane bulges through the grooves when water fills up the cup and deflates when the cup is emptying. Users now know the amount of water in the cup just by feeling the cup, without having to look at it. The entire design requires no special technology or adaptation.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Design:
    Yu Hoseong, South Korea