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Fennec® 4.0 Run Shirt

Fennec® 4.0 Run Shirt | Red Dot Design Award

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Just like the eponymous desert fox, the Fennec 4.0 Run Shirt adapts to extreme heat and cold. In warm conditions, the triangle-shaped cross-section with flat outsides of the XITANIT 2.0 material reflects heat to the outside and cools the body. The HeatPipe knit structure forms micro channels that increase the cooling effect. This way, the muscles are protected against premature tiring and moisture is channelled away from sweaty areas. The shirt ensures optimal, comfortable climate with full range of motion.

Statement by the Jury

The cleverly coordinated materials and their effects make the Fennec 4.0 Run Shirt a first-rate recommendation, not only for professional runners.

Red Dot Design Award