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Fernanda Takai – On the Brink of the Impossible

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The album “On the Brink of the Impossible” by Brazilian singer Fernanda Takai features a cover design with a Japanese appearance. Starting from the idea of an unconventional blend, the fantasy tale of a geisha who wanted to become a heroine was placed centre stage here. Inspired by Japanese art, the design reinterpreted a photograph from 1885 by Kusakabe Kimbei showing a geisha standing with a small umbrella in the middle of a storm. Various techniques, including collages, photographs, prints and origami, were used to position the singer as a contemporary geisha amid surreal scenery.

  • Client:
    Do Brasil, Belo Horizonte
  • Design:
    Hardy Design, Belo Horizonte
  • Creative Direction:
    Mariana Hardy
  • Account Management:
    Cynthia Massote
  • Graphic Design:
    João Marcelo Emediato, Guilherme Albuquerque
  • Project Management:
    Nathália Monteiro