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This book set documents the possibilities of the “Feuerring” (Fire Ring), a versatile barbecue and grill tool with an innovatively designed outer ring (patented). The two books in the slipcase compile over 70 recipes ranging from smaller dishes to entire courses. With the idea of presenting an authentic as well as culinarily inviting appearance, the photographs of the dishes in this publication were shot in daylight without enhancement by artificial aids. They visualise the communal experience of grilling and feature step-by-step explanations of the dish preparation processes. The books of the set exude a high-quality appearance thanks to the all-round matte black edge colouring and the spine being screen-printed in black. Made of thick black cardboard and featuring the title embossed in gold, the cover underlines the book’s elegant appearance. The lay-flat binding offers an optimal presentation of both photos and artwork.

Statement by the Jury

This book set fascinates readers with a selection of photographs that instantly appeal to the senses. Matched by the typography, the set stages a vivid product and living environment that creates an emotional approach. Both the design and the printing convey high quality standards with double pages making good use of the space. These books are an overall piece of art.

  • Design:
    Andreas Reichlin, Beate Hoyer, Immensee
  • Client:
    Feuerring GmbH, Immensee
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