Red Dot Design Award


FEZ | Red Dot Design Award

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Making people feel comfortable in a lighted room requires a lot of skill in choosing and arranging the respective light sources. The FEZ luminaire offers a sophisticated functionality that combines with a striking aesthetic and materiality. It showcases a balanced shape and captivates with its carefully honed surfaces. The FEZ S standard luminaire is telescopically adjustable and therefore offers a wide range of settings. It is equipped with only two powerful LEDs, yet it provides enough light to illuminate an entire room. A switch situated on the reflector allows direct or indirect light or both types of lighting to be activated at the same time. Incorporating a well thought out operating solution, the main switch is situated on the stand and can serve as a dimmer. The light of the standard luminaire manifests itself as a brilliant, glare-free cone with lovely shadow art. The FEZ D pendant luminaire seems to fly on two fine wires allowing easy adjustment to the ceiling height. Its glare-free light is emitted by the reflector and harmoniously illuminates tables or counters. The luminaire is equipped with two LEDs, one downwards and one upwards. The indirect light can be switched off or on by the switch situated on the reflector. Functionally well located in the ceiling flange, the dimmer is operated via a slight pulling at the marked spot of the luminaire. The design of FEZ implements the basic idea and function of a luminaire in an impressive manner.

Statement by the Jury

The FEZ luminaire is characterised by an outstanding design in every respect. It convinces with its versatility, with which it responds to numerous lighting scenarios. As a successful symbiosis of clear design and sophisticated functionality, it can adapt seamlessly to the individual needs of users. Moreover, the beauty of this luminaire is also due to the fact that it possesses a charming character.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Manufacturer:
    BALTENSWEILER, Lucerne, Switzerland
  • In-house design:
    Lukas Niederberger
FEZ | Red Dot Design Award