Red Dot Design Award

Fiber Optic Thermal Stripper

Fiber Optic Thermal Stripper | Red Dot Design Award

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This is a handheld device used in the skin annealing treatment of fibre optics, for the process of epidermal stripping and the preparation of fibre optics welding operation. By setting the model and temperature, the stripping operation can be done on most types of fibre optics. Based on the shape and colour, this device integrates and divides the operation interface to ensure it usage is very identifiable. The champagne golden anodic oxidation treatment brings a comfortable texture and fashionable visual quality. The all-metal body improves operation stability. For example, the metal heating lid ensures the stability of the shaft helps with the accuracy of the operation.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Company:
    INNO Instrument Inc., Korea, Republic Of
  • Team Lead:
    Zhao Yangri
  • Design:
    Xu Jian, Jin Xun
Fiber Optic Thermal Stripper | Red Dot Design Award