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Fishing Hook

Fishing Hook | Red Dot Design Award

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As part of a quality campaign, the fast food chain McDonald’s wanted to emphasise the freshness of its Filet-o-Fish burger made of 100 per cent fish filet. By simply turning the iconic brand logo upside down, the message was con-veyed in a striking manner. The “golden M” was adjusted only so much as to keep the high recognition value of the logo intact. Apart from the unobtrusive label “Filet-o-Fish”, the advertisement does without text. The backdrop of the advertisement features entirely in blue to harmonise perfectly with the logo colour.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Chief Creative Officer:
    Andreas Pauli, Armin Jochum
  • Art Direction:
    Thomas Koch
  • Graphic Design:
    Michael Fluhr
  • Client:
    McDonald’s Deutschland Inc., Munich
  • Design:
    Leo Burnett Germany, Frankfurt/Main Thjnk ag, Hamburg
  • Creative Direction:
    Helge Kniess (Art), Benjamin Merkel (Text)